Skinny Straight Nail Vinyls


200 Nail Vinyls

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Skinny Straight Nail Art Vinyl Decal Stencils 200 count.

1mm wide 27mm length

Vinyls are not reusable. However, due to generous sizing may be able to be cut in half.

How to use your Xroma Nail Vinyls:
1. After putting on your base colour, apply a fast drying top coat
2. Wait until top coat is completely dry before applying nail vinyl
3. Place vinyl on nails using tweezers and press down firmly
4. Brush or sponge polish over the top of nail vinyl
5. Remove nail vinyl while polish is still wet
6. Apply top coat once design is dry

Photo Credit:@bettinanails –, @loveslacquer & @ebelianatenails


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